Jerusalem Grand Chapter Mission Statement

Striving for Order of the Eastern Star excellency through education, training, dedication, and commitment. Going forward, the objectives and goals of this administration are as following:

  • Payback – we will honor our senior members, never forgetting the sacrifices they made to sustain our existence.
  • Investment – we will ensure that our youth are supported spiritually, emotionally, and financially in their pursuits of excellency.
  • Development – we are partnered with the Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge of Florida in providing our membership with the highest level masonic experiences in education, charitable giving and fraternal socialization.
Jerusalem Grand Chapter continues to extend the Olive Branch of peace, harmony, unity, insight, and love to those seeking a more extended diffusion of the principles of morality and friendship. As well as, to those seeking "light" and to those who are well calculated by temperament and principle. To understand and appreciate its beauties and work out patiently and untiringly the grand design of the Order of the Eastern Star.