2021 - 2022 Appointed Officers

  • Grand Chairman of the Committee for Foreign Correspondence
    Sister Pamela Green
  • Grand Chair of Trustees (*)
    Sister Carolyn Campbell
  • Grand Trustee
    Brother Charlie High Jr.
  • Grand Lecturer(s)
    Sister Renee Hutchison / Sister Valerie Green
  • Grand Youth Supervisor of Starlights
    Sister Regina Flowers
  • Grand Warder
    Sister Marilyn Mayes
  • Grand Sentinel
    Brother Edwin B. Harvey Jr.
  • Grand Chair of Jurisprudence / By-laws
    Sister Cheryl Smith
  • Chairperson of the Audit Committee
    Sister Theri Hammonds-Green
  • Grand Adah
    Sister Elaine Alvin
  • Grand Ruth
    Felicia Greggs McRae
  • Grand Esther
    Crystal Howell
  • Grand Martha
    Sandra Gass
  • Grand Electa
    Mary Harvey