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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Order of the Eastern Star?

The Order of the Eastern Star is a social, charitable and Fraternal Organization to which both women and men can belong.

What are the requirements for membership?

Membership in the Order of the Eastern Star is open to women 18 years of age or older who is the wife, mother, widow, sister or daughter of a Master Mason in good standing, as well as Master Masons in good standing in their Masonic lodge.

What are the purposes and goals of the Order?

To provide an organization where women and men with high moral and social character, can join together and contribute time, energy and wisdom to our Order with Charity, Truth and Loving-kindness.

Is the Order of the Eastern Star a religion?

No. The Order of the Eastern Star is not a religion, even though we are religious in character. It does not pretend to take the place of a religion, or serve as a substitute for the religious beliefs of its members. Our members do come from all denominations.

Is the Order of the Eastern Star a secret society?

No. Secret societies are underground and hard to find. We are easily found within the community but we enjoy a distinctive means of identifying each other. Only members are allowed in a closed meeting.

What does the Eastern Star have to offer that other organizations do not?

Each of us has an inner need to do something for others and sometimes it is difficult to determine just how to begin. The Order of the Eastern Star offers that guidance and provides an outlet, as well as serving as a resource center and support group.

Will I become a better person?

Yes. The Order of the Eastern Star takes a good citizen and makes them even better. We continue to be central in the development of the American promise of human opportunity and personal fulfillment.